Training on Synthetic Ice 5 Minutes Per Day

I had a Karate instructor who insisted that training only 5 minutes a day as a minimum would keep you sharp while still improving incrementally. The idea of training only 5 minutes per day is that you focus on one thing. So when you apply that thinking to another sport like hockey what is it that you or more likely your kid could be working on? Well ask yourself “where is he (or her) the most behind”? Is it their snap shot, or backward skating or quick feet? Make sure you have your child become part of that discussion. Maybe there is an aspect of their game that they lack confidence in. They generally know because they are practicing and the coach is saying things all the time to work on.

So maybe have them write it down and make a list. Then once you prioritize that list you can create a schedule of 5 minute workouts everyday. 5 minutes may not seem like much – and it isn’t, but what this really does is create the habit of practicing something on the synthetic ice everyday. You will be amazed after a few months of what this has done for your child – both physically and mentally. You’ll feel good because the synthetic ice is being used daily, and at the same time it’s not like you are driving the kid crazy to practice for long periods of time. Anyone at any level can take 5 minutes out of their day and practice something.

When they have something they have been working on all week long and then try it in a game that can be very rewarding for the child. When they begin to see some results from their efforts then they really start to connect the practice with the success. It becomes a very positive cycle and hopefully one they take into the real world as well.