Cloud VPS Hosting Canada

With VPS Hosting Canada you get the best in VPS. Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) is hosting that is done via a virtualized environment. Utilizing virtualization technology enables you to enjoy the benefits of multiple virtual servers. This is known as a ‘cloud’. This type of infrastructure can be scaled down to a little as 1 core all the way up to 18 cores of raw CPU power. It also gets you 54 GB of Ram.

With a virtual private server you only pay for resources you actually need. This is quite different from dedicated hosting or shared hosting. Unlike dedicated or shared hosting the VPS hosting delivers guaranteed resource allocation directly to your site/server.

SSD Storage

This kind of hosting also boosts your disk performance because the servers are able to utilize high speed SSD RAID-10 storage. SSD storage is perfect for applications that are read/write or database driven and have a higher than average disk I/O.

Whenever you upgrade to SSD VPS you will receive a lot faster disk i/o performance compared to having VPS on one of the traditional storage mediums. If your site carries a load of heavy dynamic content then this is made just for you. Web hosting Canada understands this.

Any operating system that you can configure on regular VPS can be used on SSD VPS systems as well.

With Solid State Drive (SSD) Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting you enjoy both benefits and disadvantages. The benefits are-

• Faster Database Performance
• Faster Disk Performance
• Cheaper Costs

The disadvantages are-

• Smaller Disk Space
• More Expensive Than The Non-SSD VPS Providers

Because of the added expense for solid state disk drives users will get less space than they do with the traditional type of ‘cheap’ VPS. However, if you shop around it is not hard to find some companies with prices that are still quite close to the traditional prices. The difference between a ‘cheap’ VPS provider and an SSD VPS provider is this- Cheap VPS = 15 to 30 gigabytes of space, SSD VPS 5 to 10 gigabytes of space.